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Optometry Kenya:

It is a type of healthcare profession that is deals with the eyes and visual related issues in human beings. Doctors who are in the optometry field they are called optometrists.

The optometrist they are trained to they to prescribe medicine that are used to treat eye disease, fit lenses which will help to improve visual for a patient and in other countries they are allowed to treat patients who are ailing from various eye ailments.

Generally optometrist they undertake the role of providing primary vision which is a range of activities.

The following are the list of the activities that are carried out by the optometrist. • They prescribe glasses and contact lenses

Rehabilitate the visual impaired patients

Diagnose and treat ocular diseases

Perform test which are comprehensive for both the external and internal structures of the eye

They treat eye problems that involve clarity

Diagnose complications that are as a result of aging

Careers under optometry



Assistant optometrist

Equipment used

Refractor head: it measures the extent of vision blurriness and it helps the optometrist to get the prescription of the spectacles one needs.

Bio-microscope: it magnifies the front of the eye to up to 45 times. It helps the optometrist to diagnose the type of conjunctivitis that one is suffering from. It also helps the optometrist to observe the retina which is the back of the eye. It can also be used in detecting cataracts.

Corneal topographer: it helps the optometrist in fitting and evaluation of contact lenses and diagnosing of corneal disease.

Ocular coherence tomography: it is used for patients who are suffering from glaucoma and whose vision cannot be corrected.

Retinal fundus camera: it is a camera that is specialized in taking picture of the retina.

Goldman tonometer: it is used in measuring intraocular pressure

Tonopen: it is used in measuring the intraocular pressure.

Slit lamp: the high intensity light that is produced helps in viewing the different parts of the eyes.

Visual field analyzer: it used to test patient who are being suspected to be suffering from glaucoma or even blind spots.

Pachometer: it is used to measure the thickness of the cornea of the eye.

Keratometer: it is used to measure the central curvature of the cornea up to 3mm.

Hospital offering optometry in Kenya

The following is a list of Kenyan hospitals that offer optometry

Rafiki optician Located in Nairobi along Moi Avenue at Contrust house Contact: 0202041237

Trendy opticians Located along Dubois road off Accra road at Flora house 1st floor Contact: 0723344240

The family eye clinic It is located in Upper Hill, 3rd floor KMA Centre Contact: 0722785274 • Jaffs optical house limited Located at Sarit centre, Westlands.

Eyestyle opticians Located at Westlands along Mpaka Road. Contact: 0204448440

Omega opticians limited Located along Moktar Daddah Street in Nairobi.

Jambo eye care limited Located in Westlands along ring road commercial Centre office Contact: 0708992666

Eyeris the optometrist limited Located in Westland along General Mathenge Drive.

Notable people in Optometry Kenya

Dr. Severin who travels in towns those are outside Nairobi providing primary eye acre to the poor.

Schools in Kenya offering optometry

The following are the requirements that are needed for anyone who wants to be admitted for Bachelor of Science in Optometry and vision in any public University in the self-sponsored category.

The candidate must obtain an average mean grade of C+ at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. •

Alternative A: biology C+, mathematics C+, physics C+ and English C+

Alternative B: biology science B, physical science C+, Mathematics C+ and English C+

The following are the Universities that offer Optometry Kenya

1. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology.

2. Kenyatta university

3. University of Nairobi

The following are the requirement that are needed for anyone who wants to do a Diploma in Optometry

• Mean grade C

Mandatory subjects: English, Swahili and Mathematics

Additional subjects: C- in Chemistry and Biology

The following are some of the institutions that offer the diploma Optometry Kenya

1. Kenya Medical Training College

2. Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Optometry associations in Kenya

Optometrist Association of Kenya: it is an interactive for any Kenyan optometrist who is registered.

Journal on optometry

• Journal of optometry

• Journal of Behavioral optometry

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