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NHIF Kenya | Head office
nhif contacts nhif address

P.O BOX: 30443 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Email address:
Fraud: or (020) 271 4803
Fax: (020) 271 4806
Phone : (020) 272 3246
: (020) 272 3281/2
: (020) 272 3290
: (020) 272 3296/7
: (020) 272 2527
: (020) 271 4793
: (020) 271 4794
: (020) 271 4804
: 0800 720 601nhif rates

nhif pay bill number or Business Number
Paybill Number : 200222
nhif registration fee

nhif benefits
These benefits will be provided as per the needed care during the admission as per the accreditation status of the facility.
The benefit package bears both curative and preventive elements, and includes both outpatient and inpatient services comprising of: -

i. Consultation: General outpatient consultation will be provided for by the staff below
{Medical Officer , Dental Officer ,Nurse/Midwife,Clinical Officer, Community Oral Health Officer}

Laboratory investigations : {Haematology (Hb, RBC/WBC counts, hematocrit, peripheral film),Differential white cell count,Peripheral Blood Film ,Sickle Cell Test, ABO & Rh Grouping, Syphilis Screening, Gram Stain, Ziel Nielsen Stain, Potassium Hydroxide Preps, Wet preparation, Urinalysis,HIV Test, Pregnancy Test,Widal Test, Stool for o/c,Blood Slide/ thick film for Malaria Parasite, Cervical Smears –cytology,Urine Microscopy (deposit),Blood Glucose, Blood Transfusion Collection, Screening and Storage Compatibility Test and Blood Unit, Bleeding and coagulation time, Parasitological (RDT)}

Drugs administration and dispensing: This will be provided as per the needed care during the visit inpatient or outpatient visit as per the accreditation status of the facility

Dental Healthcare Services: Such as Tooth Extraction

Radio-logical Examinations: {Hand and Finger – AP/LAT, Wrist Joint - AP/LAT,Forearm - AP/LAT,Chest - PA, Chest – PA & LAT, Clavicle – PA/AXIAL,Scapula – AP/LAT,Sterno-Clavicular,Foot and Toes – AP/LAT,Ankle Joint – AP/LAT, Leg – AP/LAT,Knee Joint – AP/LAT,Skull – AP/LAT,Plain Abdominal x-ray,Facial Bones – A.P.&LAT}

Nursing and Midwifery Services{ Regular Nursing Care,(Drugs and Vaccines Administration, Observations of vital signs, Temperature, Pulse,Respirations,Blood Pressure)
Personal Hygiene Care(Bed bath)
Skin Care(Treatment of pressure areas,Tepid Sponging
Specimen Collection (Blood,Sputum,Swabs [Pus, throat, etc]Stool,Urine ,Pap Smear,
Oxygen Administration and care per hr.
Disinfection and Sterilization(pack)
Intravenous infusion care
Specific Nursing Procedures
(Ear syringing, Giving Enema,Giving suppository,Last offices,Eye swabbing/irrigation,Tube feeding,Surgical Dressing,Small wound,Medium wound,Catheterization and Removal of urinary Catheter,Washout/lavage [Stomach],Suturing,Removal of suturing, Vulval toilet)
Midwifery procedures (Labour monitoring including parto-graphing and Normal delivery and Caesarean Section ,Incision and Drainage of Cyst/Absess,Manual Vacum Aspiration (MVA),Pap Smear, Ultrasound )
Family planning procedures
(Counselling clients for family Planning
Natural Family Planning Education and training

Surgical Services {General Surgery-(Minor Surgery,Incision and Drainage
Circumcision (except for therapeutic and not cultural indications)
Excision of lipoma,Excision of Ganglion,Excision of Sabaceous Cyst,Incision and Drainage
Excision of lipoma,Lymph Node Biopsy
Orthopaedic Surgery-(Minor Surgery,Joint Aspiration,POP Applications)
Neurosurgery [Suture of scalp wounds (GA&LA)
Paediatric Surgery (Release of Tongue Tie)

Physiotherapy Services {Exercise therapy( per session) general exercise,pre & post natal,pre & post operative,specialized exercise training,keep fit / group exercise,manipulative therapy,reduction of joints, fractures and POP immobilization / splinting

nhif supa cover
NHIF SUPA Cover is Kenya’s largest, reliable, accessible and affordable medical insurance cover that enables you and your family to enjoy an unparalleled benefit package. Supa Cover costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries.

What Does SUPA Cover Entail?

Outpatient services - Consultation, Laboratory, investigations, daycare procedures, drugs and dispensation, health education, wellness and counselling, physiotherapy services, immunization,/ vaccines as per the KEPI schedule

Inpatient services
Maternal care - Antenatal and Prenatal care and deliveries (Normal delivery and caesarian section)
Reproductive health services : Family Planning
Renal Dialysis
Overseas treatment for specialized surgeries not available locally
Rehabilitation for drugs and substance abuse
All surgical procedures including transplants
Emergency road evacuation services
Radiology imaging services (X-rays, CT Scan, & MRI)
Cancer Treatment

NHIF registration is open to all members from the formal and informal sectors. While it is compulsory for members of the formal sector to be registered, registration membership is voluntary for informal sector members. You can register for NHIF covers as a member or an employer/organization by filling the specific forms at their website.
The following documents are required: requirements for a nhif card

A copy of your national ID
A copy of your spouse’s national ID where applicable
Your employers NHIF code (if you are employed)
Original copies of your birth certificate (including yours spouses or dependents where applicable)
A colored passport photo. It is also necessary to attach passport photos of your spouse or dependents where applicable

nhif account
You can use NHIF self service with either an individual account or JamboPay e-Wallet. To create your individual account you will need your NHIF Number, a valid email address and a working phone number.Create a Jambopay eWallet account.You need a valid phone number,email address and ID Number.

nhif accredited hospitals
For a comprehensive list of all accredited hospitals Click Here

nhif account number nhif account status / Checking Balance
This is how to check your account number:
Text the word ID in capital letters then space, followed by your national identification number i.e ID 12345678
Send the message to 21101
You will receive a text message with your NHIF Account Number and the last contribution date.

is nhif a parastatal?
The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) is a State Parastatal that was established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health

Nhif beneficiaries / Dependants /Dependents
For you to add beneficiary/ beneficiaries you need to visit nearest branch with the following documents
Copy of my marriage certificate or a sworn affidavit from the Magistrate
Copies of birth certificates for each children.Birth notification if the child is aged six months and below.
One colored passport size photo for each of the dependents
Copy of the National ID

NHIF branches / Departments
View NHIF branches

Branches in Nairobi
Nairobi NHIF Car Park Bldg, Gd Floor 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723297/6/4
Kenyatta KNH Hospital 30443-00100 NRB (020) 2723305
Eastleigh Sunrise Shopping Mall 7468-00610 NRB (020) 8055788
Westlands Bandari Plaza, 1stFl, Woodvale Groove 719-00606 Nairobi (020)4440019/020-4449922
Kangemi Palace Bldg Cooperative Bank 719-00606 Nairobi
Buruburu Mesora Centre 1177-00515 Buru-Buru (020)-2465577 /020-7786690
Gikomba SK Plaza 1177-00515 020-2210026
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, Spine Rd off Kangundo Rd 1177-00515 Buruburu 020 - 2659608
Industrial Area Liberty Plaza Opp imara Junction off Rd 143-00507 Viwandani 0775587958/020-2538871
Ruaraka ICPAK Building near KCA university 1105-00618, Ruaraka (020)- 2465578

nhif bank account number
You can pay your NHIF contributions at any one of these 4 bank accounts; National bank, Co-operative bank, KCB bank and Equity bank. Use your MEMBERSHIP NUMBER to pay. It will then reflect immediately in our system.

category b nhif hospitals
These are Private and mission hospitals

nhif cover limits
NHIF super cover pays up to 80% on member medical bills
nhif careers
Looking For a job in the NHIF. Click here. Find medical/Healthcare jobs in Kenya here

Access the Calculator here

CEO | c.e.o
Mr Nicodemus Odongo

nhif code
Looking for hospital/ Facility code? Find hospital /Facility Code here

When is the deadline for payments? It is on the 9th of every month.

NHIF diagnostic imaging pre-authorization form (click on below image to download)

Dental cover limit
The Dental Cover includes dental consultation, orthodontics, root canal, dentures, Cost of filling, X-rays and Extractions including surgical extractions together with anaesthetics fees, hospital and operating theatre cost.

nhif downloads
Looking for: Amendment form, Outpatient claim Form,Treatment outside Kenya form, Choice of out-patient Medical facility form,Referral for overseas treatment,Admission notification Form ,Hospital Claim form , Long stay notificaton form,application form for accrediton as ahealth care provider,assesment checklist for declaration of health facilities, Bank details form,
You can download any of the above forms from their website here

NHIF employer | Registration
To register as an employer you need to Download "Application For Employers Registration form"
The following Details are required when filling the form:
Employer’s/ Organized Group/ Sponsor Particulars
(a) Name:  (b) Postal Address:  Code:  (c) Telephone Number: (d) E-mail Address:
2. Headquarters’ Registered Office (a) Business Location/Branch:  (b) Road/Street: (c) Building: Floor/Room No.:
3. Certificate/Registration Number (Attach copy)*:
4. Company PIN Number ( copy) :Full Name of Authorized Officer
Employer’s/Organized Group Official Stamp & Signature

Enhanced Cover
SUPA Cover is Kenya’s largest, reliable, accessible and affordable medical insurance cover that enables you and your family to enjoy an unparalleled benefit package. Supa Cover costs Kshs. 500 per month for the principal members and beneficiaries.

nhif e claim login

Fines/ penalties
Ksh: 250 is charged as fine for every month skipped. The fine can be paid via M-PESA

nhif act

<b>More Info:</b>

Public (government) Facility
Services Offered:
Health / medical insurance
Business Hours


Contact Information

N.H.I.F Office, Nairobi City, Kenya (Head quarters)
Zip/Post Code
P.O BOX: 30443 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
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