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Naidu Hospital

Naidu Hospital
Facility Name: Naidu Hospital
Facility category:
County: Kiambu
Working Hours: 24/7
Medical Facility Phone Numbers: +254 67 22301 ,0735-600237 , 020202675
Postal Address: P.O BOX 1746 Thika
Facility Location ,FAQs & More info :

 Naidu Hospital is Located at Thika Riverside Estate, Haile Selassie Rd, Thika

Services offered at Naidu Hospital

Antiretroviral Therapy
Basic Emergency Obstetric Care
Caesarean Section
Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric Care
Curative In-patient Services
Curative Outpatient Services
Family Planning
Growth Monitoring and Promotion
HIV Counselling and Testing
Radiology Services (e.g X-ray, UltraScan, MRI, etc)
Tuberculosis Diagnosis
Tuberculosis Treatments

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