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Kisumu Specialists Hospital

Kisumu Specialists Hospital


From day one Kisumu Specialists Hospital has been committed to bringing the people of the lake basin region advanced medicare technologies and expertise. As a doctor-owned hospital, the physicians advocate for the equipment and procedures that generate better results.


Emergency Services
Staffed 24 / 7 by experienced staff the hospital can handle all but the most serious, life-threatening situations.

Diagnostic Imaging
They offer full range of diagnostic imaging techniques including: MRI, CT-Scan, X-Ray and flouroscopy

Medical Specialists
Our specialist physicians can help you with preventative care and treatment of a variety of conditions

Surgical Services
A hospital designed for surgery by surgeons to be efficient, patient-friendly and deliver better outcomes.



Dr. Edwin Oduor – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)
Dr. Stephen Okelo – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)
Dr. Simiyu Nabukwangwa – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)
Dr. Nyamari Mose – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)

Chest Specialists
Dr. Josephine Ojoo – MBChB, MRCP

Consultant Physicians

Prof. James Jowi – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)
Dr. Farida Kaittany – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)
Dr. Herman P. Owuor – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)
Dr. Michael G. Owiti – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)
Dr. Josephine Ojoo – MBChB, MRCP

ENT Surgeons
Dr. Henry Nyawanda – MBChB, MMED(ENT)


Dr. Willis Oyieko – MD, MMED(Surg)
Dr. Farida Kaittany – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)

General Surgeons

Dr. Francis O. Odira – MBChB, MMED(Surg)
Dr. Nyamohanga Marwa – MBChB, MMED(Surg)
Dr. Caesar Bitta – MD, MMED(Surg)
Dr. Francis O. Ayugi – MBChB, MMED(Surg)

Dr. Michael G. Owiti – MBChB, MMED(Int Med)

Obstetricians & Gynaecologists

Dr. Leah Okiri – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)
Dr. Paul K. Mitei – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)
Dr. Geoffrey M. Koba – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)
Dr. Kennedy O. Onyango – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)
Dr. Akwabi Wameyo – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)
Dr. Stephen Gwer – MBChB, MMED(Obs/Gyn)

Orthopedic Surgeons / Trauma Surgeons

Dr. Tobias O. Otieno – MBChB, MMED(Ortho)
Dr. Walter S. Adero – MD, MMED(Ortho)


Dr. Janet N. Oyieko – MD, MMED(Paeds)
Dr. Allan G. Otieno – MBChB, MMED(Paeds)
Dr. Bernard Awuonda – MBChB, MMED(Paeds)

Pain Management Specialists

Dr. Stephen Okelo – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)
Dr. Edwin Oduor – MBChB, MMED(Anaes)

Dr. Washington Otieno – MBChB, MMED(Radio)


Dr. Willis Oyieko – MD, MMED(Surg)
Dr. Dedan Opondo – MBChB, MMED(Urol),FCS, PhD

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Private Facility
Services Offered:
In-Patient Out-Patient Maternity Radiology Theatre Physiotherapy Day Surgery Endoscopy Colonoscopy Cafeteria Pharmacy Doctor’s Plaza
Visiting Hours
Morning: 06:00AM - 08:00AM Afternoon: 12:00PM - 02:00PM Evening: 04:30PM - 07:30PM


Contact Information

Kisumu Specialists Hospital, Kisumu - Vihiga Road, Kisumu, Kenya
Zip/Post Code
RIAT junction, along Kisumu-Kakamega Highway
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