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Avané Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa

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Avané Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa

Avané Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic and Medical Spa is run by a team of excellent and qualified medical professionals. We offer some of the World’s most advanced natural and aesthetic solutions. At Avané Cosmetic Dermatology Clinic, medical science is combined with the best in esthetics to provide an array of treatments that are safe and effective.

We were one of the first in Nairobi and East Africa to introduce treatments such as Juvederm, Autologous Cell Therapy, Accent Ultra, Pixel laser, Laser 360 system, Silk Peel, Harmony XL and many more.

All procedures are performed with the utmost integrity by experienced practitioners under the guidance of our founder, Dr. Pranav Pancholi.

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  • Ownership

    Private Facility

  • Business Hours

    Mon - Sat from 8:30am - 6:00pm

  • Services Offered:

    Botox® & Dermal Fillers Therapy
    FemiLift procedure (a minimally invasive laser treatment to help tone and tighten the muscles of the vagina)
    Cosmetic skin dermatology
    Medical dermatology
    Weight loss & body contouring
    Laser Treatment for Birthmark Removal,tattos,hair removal
    Genitourinary medicine (GUM) Services



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