Pharmaceutical society of Kenya PSK

Pharmaceutical society of Kenya PSK

The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK) is a representative organization that was formed to enable Pharmacists’ employ their professional expertise in the care of patients.
Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) was established in 1964 after the breakup of the East African Community during whose existence, the profession was organised at the regional level under the Pharmaceutical Society of East Africa.
The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya is a voluntary organisation of pharmacists registered under the Societies Act Cap 108 Laws of Kenya. It is a professional body of pharmacy practitioners in the various sectors namely:-

. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
. Pharmaceutical Marketing
. Academic, Research and Development
. Private Sector, Community Pharmacy Practice, Private Hospital Pharmacy
. Public Sector, Ministry for Health/Medical Services, KEMSA, PPB
. Non Governmental Organizations e.g. MEDS

The Psk objective is to empower its members and promote professionalism and ethics.
Their objectives include:

  • To advance the practice of Pharmacy
  • To create and maintain a standard for professional conduct and code ethics
  • To foster a high standard of control over the quality and distribution of medicines and other pharmaceutical products.
  • To promote the role of Pharmacists as integral members of the healthcare team to ensure rational drug use

The Council Members of (2011- 2014) lead the members to delivering the new constitution that:

Devolves representation of pharmacists to the counties
Develops independent Committees, Sectors and Branches
Created a supreme Governing Structure that:
promotes accountability and offer continuity of society

Offers supervision and oversight to the executive
Approves budgets
Appoints auditors
Appoints members’ to statutory bodies like PPB and KEMSA
One can Join PSK as a member if she / he is a graduate pharmacists registered by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) or one can join as a fellow (FPSK)
For one to Join as a fellow he/she should fulfill the following requirements:
A full member who has rendered distinguished service to the society or in the field of pharmacy or who has made outstanding original contribution to the advancement of pharmaceutical knowledge or who has attained exceptional proficiency in a subject embraced by or related to the practice of pharmacy

As PSK is a closed society membership is by annual subscription. Paid up members’ benefits:

  • Elect representation to elective and nominated positions
  • Stand for elective and nominated positions
  • Access to Professional networks both locally and internationally
  • Publish on the Pharmaceutical Journal of Kenya (PJK)
  • Access to members empowerment programmes

Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK) Journals
Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK) periodically produces two journals namely:

  • Pharmaceutical Journals of Kenya
  • The Pharmacist

The Green Cross of Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK)

The Green Cross Charter is a program developed in order to ensure that patients are provided with high quality pharmaceutical care country-wide. Their will now be a benchmark set for pharmaceutical care. These standards are set by the PSK and followed strictly. The primary focus is the well-being of patients/clients.
The conditions set out by the Green Cross Accreditation are meant to strengthen professional credibility in Pharmacy, in addition to promoting safe and effective pharmaceutical care. Patients/ Clients will rest assured that they are not dealing with unqualified individuals anymore. The Green Cross logo identifies Pharmacies where qualified registered individual practice. The importance of the role of a Pharmacist will soon be realized. The Green Cross will promote Pharmacists.

Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya(PSK) Contact information
Located at Hurlingham, Arwings Kodhek
Starwood; Office Suite A8,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Mob : 0722 817 264 / 0782 266 136
0777 266 136 /0703 270 831

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