Nairobi Hospital doctors Plaza

Nairobi hospital doctors plaza

Opened in 1954, The Nairobi Hospital has excelled in medical expertise and services provision and has deservedly earned recognition throughout East Africa and beyond as an advanced diagnostic, treatment and referral centre. Expansive investment in latest technology and medical equipment has enabled us establish leadership in medical procedures both in Kenya and outside.

List of  Nairobi Hospital doctors Plaza Doctors

Nairob Hospital Doctors plaza Pharmacy

P. O. Box 15000 Argwings Kodhek Rd, Nairobi
Tel: 2846401/1

Dr. Mwella Namasaka

3rd Floor, Room 308, Nairobi Hospital Doctors’ Plaza
Nairobi, Kenya, 00202

Tel: +254 701-939-136/7

Dr.   S. Maina Kanyi

Room 205, 2nd Floor, Doctors’ Plaza, Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi, Kenya

Specialty: urologist

Tel: +254 20-284-50000

Dr. David Otieno

Suite 108, Doctor’s Plaza, Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel:  +254 20-2738226

Dr. Calisto Odongo

Nairobi Hospital doctors plaza
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Tel: 254-20-2714400 ext. 6435, Cell: 254-722-339488

Dr. Cecilia Njeri Wamanda
Contact: 2724384 / 0202846418
 Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza Rm 101

Dr.Johnson Murila

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Nairobi Hospital doctors plaza 2nd floor

Tel: 0722 911 881


Dr. Robert Mathenge

Specialty: Cardiologist

Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza 3rd Floor Rm 308

Tel: 2717337


Kariuki John .N.K

Specialty: Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Nairobi Hospital  Doctors Plaza 3rd floor Rm 301

Tel: 2720726,2722160


Dr. Paul Ngugi Njuguna

Nairobi hospital Doctors Plaza 1st floor

Tel: 243474 /5 / 2846363 /0722-521064


Dr. Betty Musau

Specialty: Gastroenterologist

Nairobi hospital Doctors plaza 2nd floor Rm 206

Tel: 2722302 / 2722160 Ext. 461


Professor Symon W Guthua

Specialty: Maxillofacial Surgeon

The Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza- Second Floor Rm 203

Tel: 2716803–2846431


Dr. Eunice Cheserem

Specialty: obstetrician / gynecologist

Nairobi Hospital Doctors plaza Rm 303

Tel: 2712126


Professor Michael Sajabi Masinde

Specialty: Opthalmologist

Nairobi Hospital Doctors  Plaza, Ground floor, Room No.8

Tel: 0725 041271


Dr. Stephen O.Muhudhia

Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza 3rd Floor Rm 307

Specialty: Pediatrician

Tel: 2714385, 2716147/99


Dr. Atul Patel

Nairobi Hospital Doctors  Plaza

Specialty: Pediatrician

Tel: 020-2053566/2846354


Dr. David Githanga

The Nairobi Hospital, Plaza 3rd Floor

Specialty: Pediatrician

Tel: 2711467


Dr. Marx M. Okonji

Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza

Specialty: Psychiatrist

P.O.Box 50468-00200

Tel: 2710633 / 0733-610977


Dr.  M.R. Khan

Nairobi Hospital –  Doctors Plaza 3rd Floor Room 304

specialty: Surgeon

Tel: 2087452, 2845000 Ext.6353


Dr. Safwat Saleh Andrawes

Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza. 1st Floor Rm 115

Specialty: Surgeon

Tel: 2711572 or 2724715


Dr Benjamin S Mbindyo

The Nairobi Hospital , Doctors Plaza 1st Floor Room 102 , Argwings Kodhek Road , Nairobi , Kenya.

Tel: +254 20 2710867

Specialty: General Medicine

Dr Eric Munene Muriuki

Nairobi Hospital Doctors Plaza , 1st Floor Suite 109 , Nairobi , Kenya.

Specialty: Infectious Diseases

Tel: +254 712032449

Dr J D Patel

Nairobi Hospital , 1st Floor Room 112 , New Consulting Rooms , Nairobi , Kenya.

Specialty: General Surgery

Tel: +254 715066

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