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Medicine in Kenya

Medicine Kenya

Definition of medicine

Medicine is a branch of science that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. Medicine is also a compound that is taken to prevent and treatment of diseases.
Branches of medicine
In medicine there are various branches that deal with various medical sciences. The following are some of the branches.
Cardiology: the branch of medicine that deals with the health of the heart and blood vessels.
Critical care medicine:branch of medicine that deals with life support and intensive care of patients.
Dentistry:branch of medicine that deals with oral health
Dermatology:branch of medicine that deals with skin, hair and nails.
Emergency medicine:branch of medicine that deals with endocrine system disorders.
Endocrinology:branch of medicine that deals with disorders that affect endocrine system.
Gastroenterology:the branch of medicine that deals with the health digestive system.
General practice:branch of medicine that specializes in primary care.
Geriatrics:branch of medicine that deals with the general health of old people.
Hematology:the branch of medicine that deals with blood and health of circulatory system.
Infectious diseases:the branch of medicine that deals with management of infectious diseases.
Hepatology: branch of medicine that deals with liver, gallbladder and biliary system health.
Neurology:branch of science that deals with the central nervous system health.
Oncology: branch of medicine that deals with diagnosis and treatment of cancer
Ophthalmology:branch of medicine that deals with eyes health.
Otolaryngology:the branch of medicine that deals with the health of the ears,nose and throat.
Pathology: this is a branch of medicine that deals with prevention, detection and treatment of diseases.
• Pediatrics:branch of medicine that deals with the health of children.
• Pulmonology: branch of medicine that deals respiratory system health.
• Psychiatry:branch of medicine that deals with mental health
• Radiology: this branch of medicine deals with medical imaging to diagnose and treatment of disease.
• Rheumatology:branch of medicine that deals with detection and treatment of rheumatic disease.
• Surgery: it is a branch of medicine that uses operation technique to treat diseases or improve the function of organs.
• Urology: this branch of medicine deals with the urinary system health.
Medicine specialties are a branch of medical practice. Below are the medicine specialties.
• Allergy and immunology
• Adolescent medicine
• Anesthesiology
• Pathology-anatomic
• Dermatology
• Emergency medicine
• Colon and rectal surgery
• Family medicine
• Internal medicine
• Medical genetics
• Neurological surgery
• Neurology
• Nuclear medicine
• Obstetrics and gynecology
• Orthopedics surgery
• Otolaryngology
• Pediatrics
• Physically medicine and rehabilitation
• Plastic surgery-integrated
• Psychiatry
• Radiation oncology
• Radiology-diagnostic
• Surgery-general
• Thoracic surgery- integrated
• Urology
• Vascular surgery-integrated
• Internal medicine
Brief history of medicine in Kenya
After Kenya gained its independence it has aimed in improving the healthcare it provides to its citizen. In 1965 the government had formalized free medical health for all in aiming it will help in having a health population. The idea was abolished and in 1970, the ministry of health was nationalized. Later on in 1992 there was reform process that led to creation of district health management boards to help in cost sharing. In the 1980 and 1990s there was an increase in the number of people who were infected with HIV/AIDS and this was a main challenge to the health ministry. Other infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis were still grappling the ministry of health. The dependence of Kenya in the donor money to cater for healthcare has deepened.
Minimum requirement to pursue
Bachelor of medicine &surgery
For a student to be admitted to the university to pursue bachelor of medicine and surgery under the regular program the admission is based on the cluster points of 46.
For the self sponsored students the admission is through the university senate under the admissions committee. The requirement is B- grade for all cluster subjects in public universities while in other institution the cluster subjects should not below C .
Bachelor of medicine & dental surgery
For Kenya certificate of secondary school holders a minimum admission grade is C and an average of B plain in the cluster subject which are biology, chemistry, mathematic or physics , and English or Kiswahili.
For the Kenya advanced certificate holders a minimum of two principal passes in biology, chemistry and subsidiary pass in mathematics or physics.
International baccalaureate a minimum of grade 5 or above in biology, chemistry,physics or mathematics, English Kiswahili subject clusters
Approved training institution in Kenya
The following is a list of the approved medical and dental schools in Kenya
1. University of Nairobi
2. Moi University
3. Kenyatta University
4. Uzima University
5. Egerton University
6. Kenya Methodist University
7. Maseno University
8. Jomo Kenyatta university of Agriculture and Technology
9. Mount Kenya University

Approved schools given reciprocal recognition at EAC partner states
The EAC consists of five countries the following are the schools given reciprocal recognition.
1. University of Nairobi
2. Moi University
3. Aga khan University
4. Egerton University
5. Kenyatta University
1. Makerere University
2. Mbarara University
3. Gulu University
4. Kampala International University
1. Dar-es-salaam University
2. Tumaini University
3. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University
4. St. Augustine Bugamdo University
1. National University of Rwanda
1. University of Burundi
2. Hope Africa university
3. NgoziUniversity

Approved internship training centers
For dental
1. Coast provincial general Hospital
2. Machakos level 5 Hospital
3. University of Nairobi
4. Defence Force Memorial Hospital
5. Kenyatta National Hospital
6. Jaramogi Oginga Odinga teaching & referral hospital
7. Nyeri county General Hospital
1. Kisumu district Hospital
2. Kajiado district Hospital
3. Kenyatta National Hospital
4. Kendu Adventist Hospital
5. Karatina district Hospital
6. Garissa district Hospital
7. Migori district Hospital
8. Moi hospital in Voi
9. Nakuru provincial Hospital
10. PCEA Chogoria
11. Kapkatet District Hospital
12. Kiambu District Hospital
13. Kisii level 5 Hospital
14. Mwingi District Hospital
15. Msambweni District Hospital
16. Kagundo District Hospital
Scholarship grants for medicine student in Kenya
• Mwangaza scholarship
• Funzo medical scholarship
• Aga Khan foundation scholarship
• Gandhi Smarak Nidhi fund
• Rattansi education fund
• Rocketfeller foundation scholarship
Notable people in medicine Kenya
• Dr Angela Muriuki- program manager at signature health program save the children
• Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta- she stared the beyond zero campaign
Kenya Medical Board Kenya

Medicine kenyaThe board was formed under CAP 253 of Kenya to regulating the practice of medicine and dentistry in the country

• It mandate
Work to ensure the provision of quality healthcare that is safe and ethical to the Kenyan people.

Its location and contacts
It is located woodlands road off Lenana road Nairobi
Telephone: 020-2728752
Medical associations in Kenya
1. Kenya medical,pharmacist and dentist unionMedicine Kenya Its function and mandate
It is a workers union aimed to improve the general welfare of all doctors in Kenya.
Requirement to join
You should fulfill the professional qualities and fill the membership form
• Physical address and contact info
Telephone: 254111111111
2. Kenya medical association

Medicine Kenya
a) To promote the practice of medicine in Kenya
b) To uphold high standards of medical ethics and conduct
c) To promote welfare of doctors
Requirements to join
Any registered medical or dentist in Kenya is eligible hence all they need to do is fill the membershipform.
There is a membership fee one is supposed to pay
Physical address,contact info
Located at Nairobi in upper hill
Telephone: 254203864509
PO BOX 48502-00100, GPO- Nairobi
3. Kenya medical women’s association

Medicine Kenya
It seeks to uplift the health status of women, adolescents and children in Kenya by enhancing the capacity and potential of the medical women.
Requirement to join
All medical women qualified according to the accepted standard of the medical profession in Kenya.
There is a membership fee one is supposed to pay

Contact information
Located in KMA center suite 305A Mara road in Upper Hill
Telephone number 254(20)2345095
4. Kenya association of physicians

Medicine Kenya
The association duty is to mentor the 21st century doctor who is knowledge based.
Requirement to join
It offers either an undergraduate student doing medicine and doctors to join the association by filling the membership form.
Contact information
Telephone: 254707899954
Medical Research Institutes in Kenya
Kenya medical research institute (KEMRI)Medicine Kenya
The Consortium for national health research
US Army medical research unit Kenya
Important Medicine Journals
JAMA Network
New England journal of medicine
Qualitative health research
Archives of general psychiatry



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