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Where to get funding for medical start up in Kenya

Medical Startup funding Kenya

Medical Startup funding Kenya
The healthcare industry (also called the medical industry or health economy) is an aggregation and integration of sectors within the economic system that provides goods and services to treat patients with curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care.
Finding Start up financing in any economic climate can be challenging. But given our current state of affairs, securing funds is as tough as ever. To help you find the money you need, we’ve compiled a guide on financing techniques and what you should know when pursuing them.

Loans and Microfinance
Loan is a common way of financing companies: you borrow
from the investors/lenders an agreed amount (the principal)
and reply the principal and interest to them after a specified
period of time. Microfinance loans typically target small
business owners.
1.Equity Bank Kenya offers SME loans for SMEs operating
in Transport, Trade and Commerce, Construction,
Manufacturing, Education, Health &; other service
2.The Kenya  Commercial Bank offers term loans for SMEs
operating in Transport, Trade and Commerce,
Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Health & other
service sectors.
3.Business Partners is a specialist risk finance company
operating in selected African countries. Their Kenyan
partners offer loans for entrepreneurs.
4.The Co-Operative Bank offers different Bizwise SME
Loans .
5.The Central Bank of Kenya offers a list of licensed
Microfinance Institutions with links to their websites.
Medical Startup funding Kenya
Crowdfunding allows entrepreneurs to raise (usually) small
amounts of capital from a large group of individuals via the
Internet to finance their business venture. In Ghana, the
following crowd funding opportunities exist:
1.One Percent Club is a Dutch based global crowd-
funding platform.
2.Start Some Good is a Australia
based global crowdfunding platform for social impact
3.M-Changa provides security and communication and
record keeping capabilities for unprecedented end-to-
end transparency. M-Changa integrates mobile money
and credit card payments, SMS, email, social networks
and geo location.
4.Crowd Invest is an online crowd-funding platform. It s
possible to start or create a project and to have it
featured on the website in order to raise money.
5.Kickstarter is a US-based global crowdfunding platform
for creative projects. The platform is reward/donation
based and offering financial incentives like equity or
repayment is prohibited.
6.Indiegogo is a US-based global crowdfunding platform
that help individuals, businesses, and non-profits raise
money online. The platform is reward/donation based
and offering financial incentives like equity or
repayment is currently prohibited.

Angel investments

Angel investments are typically the earliest equity investors in
startup companies. Angel investors are usually wealthy
individuals that band together in investor networks.
1.Investeq Capital was founded in 2002 specifically to
provide financing and financial solutions to small and
medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the African
2.Kenya Angel Investors is a list of entrepreneurs and
investors and a possibility to match them.
3.The TBL Mirror Fund is a private Equity Fund for East
African and Nigerian Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) targeting various high growth sectors and deals
where value can be added through the know-how and
involvement of the Fund managers and its investors.
4.Jacana Partners is a pan-African private equity
company that invests in entrepreneurs, builds
successful small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs)
and delivers sustainable social and financial returns.
5.East Africa Capital Partners (EACP) is a technology,
media, and telecommunications sector focused Venture
Capital Fund Manager investing in the greater Eastern
Africa region.
6.Adlevo Capital makes equity and equity-linked
investments in rapidly growing private companies in
various stages of development.

Venture capital

Venture capital refers to money invested in a project in which
there is a substantial element at risk, typically a new or
expanding business.
1.Safaricom Spark Venture Fund invests in start-ups, at
late seed to early growth stage, which use mobile
technology as an enabler in one of the following
categories: Mobile commerce/Payments, Youth, Media
Content and Infotainment, SME and Cloud solutions,
Data and Messaging.
2.Fanisi Venture Capital Fund is a fund that makes direct
investments in businesses with potential for substantial
growth.Medical Startup funding Kenya
3.Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Limited is the largest
regulated financial institution in Africa that serves only
women. It provides savings and loan products to more
than 600,000 clients and has a bold mission to partner
with poor women and help them create wealth.

Government schemes
Denmark supports the Kenyan private sector through
the Business Sector Program Support 2. The
development objective of the second phase of the
Business Sector Program Support (BSPSII) is to create
employment in micro, small and medium sized enterprises
(MSME), especially for young women and men.
Medical Startup funding Kenya (read on Private Hospitals in Nairobi)

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