List of Psychiatrists in kenya

Psychiatrists in Kenya
Psychiatrists in Kenya have a major role in restoring and managing the mental health of Kenyan citizens. The psychiatrist can either specialize in child psychology, consultants, child psychology, substance abuse and addiction. In Kenya the psychiatrists can either be found in the private sector or public sector. Most psychiatrists are in the private sector. The following is a list of psychiatrist, what they specialize in and their location.
Psychiatrist dealing with educational and child psychologist, they mainly deal with children who are still in school.
Dr. P Ndambuki who is located in Kenyatta University. She is a lecturer in the institution and her address is43844-0010 Nairobi.
Dr. Rachel Kang’ethe who is found at the Nairobi University. Her email is The client can also reach her through telephone number 020-3862906
There are some of the psychiatrists who are physicians and they are listed below.
Dr Muyumbu A.J he is found at Busia border clinic in Busia. Telephone number 0733-500-540
Prof Mengech H.N.K he is located in Eldoret Moi University department of mental health. Telephone number053-43001-8
Dr Feksi is located in Nakuru Belpar house opposite national bank of Kenya in Kenyatta Avenue. Telephone number 051-851080
Dr Aly Omar who is located in Eldoret Theluji house .Telephone number 053-33475
Dr Fazal M is found at Aga Khan University hospital doctor plaza 5th floor room 530. The email address is The telephone number is 0733613914
Dr Kiira S.O.I who is found in Komarock nursing home estate sector 3B house number 54.Telephone number 0722787773.
Dr. Nelly Kitazi found in aga khan university hospital.3rd parklands avenue doctors plaza 5th floor room 530. Telephone number 020-3662722
Dr. Francis Kimani Mwaura who is found in Mathari hospital Thika. Telephone number 020-2730114
Dr. pius akivanga who is found in doctor plaza room 307 3rd floor Aga Khan University. Telephone number 020-3743012.
Dr Mary Kuria who is located at Japha medical services national housing corporation first floor. Telephone number 0722755681
Dr. Machengero Makero who is found in Kenyatta national hospital doctor plaza suite 18.Telephone number 0720695044
Dr Monique Mucheru who is found at medical centre NHIF building 2nd floor opposite national libraly. Phone number 0722604909. The email address is m
Dr. Susan Muthoni who is located in Nairobi NSSF complex Bishops road. Telephone number 0722245816
There some of the psychiatrist who deals with adolescents only some of them are listed below
Dr. Josephine Atieno who can be found in Kenyatta hospital doctor plaza suite. 25. A client may reach her through her number 0737562973 or her email which is m
There psychiatrist who are consultants and below is a list of some of them
Dr. Peter Njagi who can be found in Kitisuru Nairobi. the cell contact are 0722847130.the email address is
Dr .Marx Okonji who can be found in Nairobi hospital doctors plaza first floor room 105 or 107.the cell phone number is 0-715216242.the email address is
Dr. Fredrick Owiti who is found at arrow house first floor at Kionange Street. Telephone number 0733610978. The email address is
J. Mutiso who is found in Menelik medical centre. Telephone 020-3875775. The email address is
Prof Ndetei David who is found in Nairobi psychotherapy services. telephone 020-2716315
Dr. Margaret A. she is found at Kenyatta National Hospital. suite 39.her email address is
Dr Rachel Kangethe who is found at Nairobi hospital doctors plaza 3rd floor, suite 3104.the phone number is 0722520458.the email address is
Dr violet Okech she is found in Kenyatta National Hospital, doctors plaza suite 6.her contacts are telephone number is 0721704716 and the email is
Dr. Wangari Kuria who is found at prof. nelson Awori centre at Ralph bunche road. She is at third floor room B7. Her telephone number is 0722755681and her email is
There are psychiatrists who help in addiction treatment and substance abuse. They are listed below.
Carren Gichana, Anthony Chesoli, Rose Ithara, Martin Kunga and Eliud Mbugua they all work in Nairobi place addiction treatment centre as addiction counslers.the centre is located Mokoyeti road off Langata road .to reach them all via phone here is the Centre’s number 254733440000 Dr. Da … 254733440000
Dr. David e. Bukusi who is found in Hurlingham medical center. The phone number is 0721207885 and the email is
Dr. Ian M Kanyanya who is found at Kenyatta hospital doctor plaza suite 25. He can be reached via phone through the following numbers 0722890679 or 0735277294.his email is

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