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The Government Chemist of Kenya

Government Chemist Kenya


Telephone: +254(20)2725806

The government chemist Kenya was established in 1923. It was started by the British as an army unit lab, which was used as a medical research lab. It is an institution under the government which involves biochemical analysis on toxic products that are taken into the human body and any abnormalities related or generated by the use of toxic chemicals. The government chemist is managed by the ministry of health.It acts as a legal referral laboratory.It offers forensic and analytical laboratory services in the field of public and environmental health and in administration of justice.

The government chemist Kenya performs the function of cross matching and paternity test which in turn helps to identify the biological father of a child. The government chemist  Kenya works in collaboration with other arms of the nation’s public health system to ensure the safety and well being of the public. The government chemist takes a huge role in advising to the regulators in various industries and stakeholders who engage in carrying out of research.

Government chemist laboratory tiers
• The dispensaries and health centers which offer the basic laboratory services.
• Nursing homes which offer the limited laboratory services
• Primary/district hospitals providing laboratory services for inpatients and the out-patients who visit the hospitals.
• Secondary/ regional/provincial hospital for comprehensive laboratory services for inpatients and outpatients who visit the hospitals.
• Tertiary/reference/teaching/research offering highly specialized laboratory services which can be used in educating the public.
The Kenya government chemist laboratory, Related bodies
Kenya Medical Laboratory Technician and Technologist Board: it was established under cap 253 and was given the duty to regulate the in-vitro diagnostics to be used in the country. It also screens, validates, certifies and registers products to be used in Kenyan laboratory science practice.

It also regulates the professional conduct of Medical Laboratory Scientists, Licenses and regulates business practices in Medical Laboratory Science, Inspects and approves Institutions to train in Medical Laboratory Science and Registers medical laboratory Technicians and Technologist to practice.
• Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific officers: it was founded and registered on 4th December in 1964. It is a laboratory equipment supplier.
Pathologist Lancet Kenya: This is a group of laboratories which are leading in vital diagnostic monitoring and screening test from routine to specialize and esoteric tests. The group is made up of three Lancet Laboratories.

National Quality Control Laboratory for Drugs and Medical Devices: it is used examination and testing of drugs and any material or substance from or with which and the manner in which drugs may be manufactured, processed or treated and ensuring the quality by controlling the type of drugs that are used for medicinal purposes.
Kenyan Government Chemist Laboratory References Consist of:
• The central TB laboratory
• The central microbiology
• National HIV reference laboratory

Contact Information

P.O B.O.X 20753-00202,
Telephone: +254(20)2725806
Fax: +254(20)2717567

Google map location of the Goverment chemist of Kenya

NB; Kenyapharmtech is not affiliated with The Goverment chemist

Forensic and analytical laboratories are located;

Kenyatta National hospital (KNH)  grounds: Nairobi Headquarters branch.

Kisauni: Mombasa branch

Kisumu : Kisumu branch

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