emergency pills in Kenya : Emergency Contraceptives in kenya:- Costs,when & where to buy them

emergency pills in Kenya : Emergency Contraceptives in kenya:- Costs,when & where to buy them

Emergency Pills Kenya

Emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) (sometimes referred to as emergency hormonal contraception (EHC)) may contain higher doses of the same hormones (estrogens, progestins, or both) found in regular combined oral contraceptive pills. Taken after unprotected sexual intercourse or contraceptive failure, such higher doses may prevent pregnancy from occurring.[5]

The FDA currently approves three different types of emergency contraceptive pills: pills that contain only progestin, pills that contain both progestin and estrogen, and pills that contain the antiprogestin­ ulipristal acetate.

Progestin-only ECPs are slightly more effective than combination pills and cause few if any side effects.

The second type of ECP uses both estrogen and progestin. Currently, no combination pills are sold specifically as ECPs, but many brands of the daily birth control pill can be used at a higher dose for emergency contraception

Cost of Morning after pill/  Emergecy pill Kenya

The cost of emergency contraceptive pills (“morning after pills” or “day after pills”) can vary a lot depending on where you get them, so be sure to call around and ask about costs up front. In Kenya Postinor 2 and its generic forms (Ecee2,Emcon,P2,Option 2) are  available directly on the Chemists .

EC costs anywhere from Ksh 100 to ksh:150 at pharmacies. The generic pills (Ecee 2,Emcon etc ) generally cost  less than Postinor 2.

Do I need emergency contraception if I missed one or more of my regular birth control pills?


Whether you should use emergency contraception or take other steps to prevent pregnancy after missing one or more of your regular birth control pills depends on how many pills have been missed, and when in your cycle the pills were missed. Please note: if you need EC because of missed pills, use levonorgestrel EC (postinor 2)

The latest guidelines (which have been simplified for easier use) are as follows:

If you have missed 1 pill (more than 24 hours and up to 48 hours late):

Take your missed pill as soon as you remember (even if that means taking two pills in one day)

Continue your the rest of the pill pack as usual

Do you need EC? EC is not usually needed in this case, but consider it if you missed pills earlier in the pack, or in the last week of the previous pack

If you have missed 2 or more pills (more than 48 hours late):

Take the last pill you missed right away (even if that means taking two pills in one day)

Leave any earlier missed pills

Continue taking the rest of the pack as usual, and use a backup method for the next 7 days

Do you need EC? If you have had unprotected sex in the previous 5 days and have missed two or more pills in the first week of your pack, EC will reduce your risk of becoming pregnant.

How long do I have after sex to take emergency contraceptive pills?


If you have sex without using other contraception, your regular birth control fails, or you are made to have sex against your will, take action right away to learn what your options are. Even though emergency contraception is often called the “morning after pill” or “day after pill,” it may be effective for up to 5 days

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