Clinical breast exam

Clinical breast exam

Clinical Breast Exam Kenya

A clinical breast exam (CBE) is a physical exam of the breasts and the underarm area by a trained healthcare professional. A trained health care provider may detect changes in the breast that are difficult to detect by self-examination.
How its done
The healthcare professional (doctor)  looks at the breasts. This is usually  done with the patient sitting, and then when she is lying down. The healthcare professional looks for:

1.changes or differences in the shape of the breasts
2.areas of fullness or thickness in only one breast
3.differences in skin color, temperature and texture in the breasts, such as redness, increased warmth or dimpling of the skin
5.visible lumps or swelling
6.fluid, or discharge, leaking from the nipple
7. nipple changes, such as a nipple starting to point inward (called inverted) or scaling
When should you schedule a clinical breast exam Kenya?

Clinical breast exams are best performed soon after your menstrual period ends, because your breasts will not be as tender and swollen as during the menstrual period. However, this should not be a reason to cancel your visit with your health care provider.

If you have stopped menstruating, schedule the yearly exam on a day easy for you to remember, such as you

What happens if a change or abnormality is found during clinical breast exam kenya

The doctor will talk to you about anything that is found and let you know if you need to have more tests.

How often should I have a clinical breast exam?


A clinical breast examination by a health care provider (e.g primary care physician, advanced practice nurse, physician’s assistant, or gynecologist) should be performed every year starting at age 20. A clinical breast exam may be recommended more frequently if you have a strong family history of  breast cancer ( read : Breast cancer in Kenya)

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