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Cardiology in Kenya

Cardiology Kenya

Cardiology in Kenya

Cardiology in Kenya
 It is a branch of medicine that deals with any disorder that is related to the heart. This branch of medicine deals with the following:
 • Diagnosis of heart diseases.
 • Congenital heart defects
 • Diseases that are related with heart valvular.
 • Arterial diseases.
 The physicians who treat and diagnose and treat the heart diseases are called cardiologists. Though there are other sub-specialists under the cardiologist specialty. They include:
 • Pediatric cardiologist
 • Cardio thoracic surgeons
 In Kenya heart diseases patients tend to increase annually, about 200000 cases of heart disease are diagnosed yearly.Very few patients can afford the cost of the surgery and most of them they are left out in the treatment. This leads to most people having their heart diseases progressing and lives are lost in the process.
 There are programs that are being undertaken to help increase the number of Kenyan cardiologist. The main issue with the cardiology unit in Kenya is that very few cardiologists are given a chance to practice and most of them leave the country to seek greener pastures.
 There are a lot of free heart checkup that are offered so that the patients who are suffering from heart diseases are not left out. Through such programs not only are patients benefiting but the cardiologist surgeons are able to improve their skills by treating more patients. The expenses are catered for by donor money.
 Kenya association of cardiologist

 Kenya Cardiac Society it is a network of all medical professionals including physicians, surgeons, nurses and technologist in Kenya.
 Kenyan schools offering cardiology studies
  Degree University of Nairobi
 • The Aga Khan University
 • Moi university
 Equipment used in Cardiology
 1. Defibrillator: it is used to correct the heart electrical activity if it is diagnosed to be abnormal.
 2. Vascular stents: it is used during atherosclerosis to open up the coronary artery.
 3. Pacemaker: it is used to correct the heart rate and rhythm.
 Hospitals offering cardiology services
 The following is a list of the hospitals in Kenya that offer cardiology treatment:
 1. The Karen hospital
 2. Kijabe Hospital
 3. Kenyatta National Hospital
 4. The Hurlingham medical center
 5. Aga Khan University Hospital
 6. Nairobi Hospital
 Notable people in cardiology in Kenya
 Dr. Dan and Dr. Betty Gikonyo they are a couple famously known to have built the Karen hospital. They are renowned cardiologist in Kenya.
 Cardiology journals American journal of cardiologyInternational journal on cardiologyCirculationEuropean heart journalEuropean Journal of Heart FailureStrokeJournal of heart and lung transplantationNature reviews cardiologyCardiovascular research


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